Start Up

To start the game you must register. The register feature is on the front page of the site. You must enter a username which will be your characters name and a password. You will need to keep a record of these details as you will need them to log in. The only restriction is that the username cannot be one already in use. To start playing enter your username and password into the appropriate boxes and you will be passed through to the playing area for your first turn.

First Few Turns

The first turn is simple. Your little sister already has her first instructions entered, and thats to sleep with your pal. So all you have to do is press the GO button which is in the bottom right hand corner or the browser screen. It is important that you continue to pimp your sister until you have enough money for other options. Essentially you need to spend the first few turns pimping your sister, until you have at least $100. Once you have $100 you can then buy her some whore clothes. Once she has her whore clothes a wide range of other options appear allowing for a greater return on her services. But watch out. Every time she plays her tricks she becomes more and more unhappy, so you'll need to keep her happy or else she will stop earning money. You can cheer her up by sending her to the shops and letting her rest at home. Once you are in the swing of getting your little sister to earn you money by selling her sexual favours you will be able to afford more ho's.


Ho's are what its all about. You start off with your sister and as you bring in more money you can hire more ho's. This is a complex area and at this stage I can only be brief and unstructured. To hire more ho's you click the Recruit button at the bottom of the page. If you have enough money there will be a list of ho's that you can hire. Their cost will depend on your reputation. Once you have hired some ho's they will appear on the main page. You then need to give them instructions on what you want them to do. TO BE A PROPER HO THE GIRL MUST HAVE WHORE CLOTHES. Whore clothes cost $100. Without them all the girl can do is fuck your friend in your bedroom which doesn't generate alot of money. Once she has some whore closes she can carry out alot of other actions such as working at the brothel etc. Once you have made purchases for each of your ho's and given them instructions for the next turn then you have to press the GO button and the turn will progress.

The hos change from day to day, so if there are no hos available on one day, try another day. The weekends are more popular with the girls as there are more punters about.

Alot of things can happen to ho's including them getting a disease and being busted by the police. They generally get unhappy as time goes by and if they get too unhappy then they leave. You will get warnings for most of these things and you will need to act accordingly. If the girl is busted then you need to pay the bail, if she gets a disease then her next turn has to be to the STD clinic in the turn options for that girl. If she is unhappy then she needs a rest, some cocaine or to suck on your dick.

Occasionally a ho will have an argument with their hot lesbian girlfriend lover and become really unhappy. Thats just one of those things really, but the chances are not that great. If you get too rich they are also likely to run away with a wedge of your cash.

Theres alot more to know but thats about it for now, stay tuned for more info. Also note that the game is under constant development, sort of, and there are alot of extra features planned.

Recruiting Ho's

mmm, might have already covered this but here goes again. To recruit ho's you need to have money. To see what ho's are available click on the recruit button at the bottom of the page. The ho's that are available will be shown there. If there aren't any then you dont have enough money. It is also worth noting that ho's also appear in waves depending on your score, so if you have a score Levels start from under 1000 and the last batch appears at 300,000,000. This means that when your score goes over 1000 there will be more ho's available for hire.

The hos change from day to day, so if there are no hos available on one day, try another day. The weekends are more popular with the girls as there are more punters about.

The price a ho costs you to hire her is dependent on your reputation. They all have a fixed base rate which is unique to the girl, but this rate will be modified according to your reputation. Lets say your reputation is 50%, and a ho's base rate is $200, when she will charge you $300. If your reputation goes up to 75% then her charge will be $250. As such it is wise to keep your reputation as high as possible. It is generally easy to keep it at 100% but you have to work it up there first.

Once you have hired a ho she will remain in your pool of girls until she becomes very unhappy and leaves or you fire her. .

Ho Items

Ho items will give your ho extra abilities such as increased income, the ability to do certain tasks such as the computer for surfing the web and the web cam for doing web cam shows as well as making them happier. A ho that has a car, phone, nice dress and all that will stay happier alot longer and as such earn more money, however it costs alot. Its so complex its actually pretty hard to figure out whats more cost effective. I see some players buy everything for their hos and dont have to keep them happy every 6 turns but I generally dont buy them anything. You have to see what happens and find your own balance.

To buy items you click on the ho from your main page and below her phot there is a link for buy BUY ITEMS, its actually pretty small and could do with being mpore prominant. From there you can see all the items that are available given your budget. You can see how much they cost and also click on the item name to find out more info, but I havn't really given much info yet, but maybe i will later. A list of items includes:

T-Shirt Free  
Trainers Free  
Jacket Free  
Whore Clothes $100 You need these for nearly all money generating activities.
Jeans Free  
Vibrator $10 Increases revenue in almost all situations, also increases happyness whilst relaxing at home.
Anal Lube $10 Increases revenue from pervs in park, scandal, massage parlour and brothel
Car $2000 Increases happyness each turn
Computer $500 Required for scandal and working a web cam business
Bikini $20 Incrases revenue at the Ho-Tel
Fetish Wear $100  
Lingerie $2000  
Corset $100  
Formal Dress $200 Required for scandal, gives a plus in certain situations
Hair Do $40 Increases happyness each turn
Stilletos $100 Required for scandal, gives a plus in certain situations
Cocaine $50 Will increase happyness to 100% in one turn
Plastic Surgery $1200 Increases revenue in almost all situations
Spy Cam $300 Required for scandal
Tit Job $2000 Increases revenue in almost all situations
Jewelry $2500  
Pet $200 Increases happyness each turn
Webcam Business $500 REquired for, er, web cam business, also need computer
Knife $20 Increases chance of survival from serial killer
Gun $1000 Increases chance of survival from serial killer

Most of these items have a purpose, even if one is not listed above.

Ho Orders

You give orders for hos to carry out that turn. Currently these are:

Fuck Freind In Bedroom (skill = girl friend experience)

Walk The Streets (skill = bearback)

Hang Out At The Bar (skill = sex show)

Hang Out At The Ho-Tel (skill = modeling)

Hitch Hike (skill = exhibitionism)

Look For Pervs At The Park (skill = rimming)

Surf Myspace For Punters (skill = tantric)

Earn Money On Webcam - (nice safe option, however, the girls tend to get their broadband connections shut down and so they go off shopping instead)

Punt For Students At Local Collage (skill = teen)

Work In Massage Parlour (skill = massage)

Work In Illegal Brothel (skill = hand job, deep throat, cum in mouth)

Rob Client

Go To STD Clinic


Take Cocaine (costs $50 and boosts happyness to 100%)

Get Drunk (boosts happyness)

Go Shopping - (costs $50 and gains 40% Happyness)

Go To Beauty Salon

Stay In Bed At Home

Suck My Dick Ho


Each of these options will result in the ho carrying out that action on her next turn. Until your girl has whore clothes most of these options will not be available.

Ho Busts

Occasionally yours ho's will be busted for something or other. They will then end up in jail and will need bailing out. The chance of them being busted is dependent of your police pay offs and the cost of the bail is dependent on your lawyer fees. If an underage girl gets busted the fine is a multiple of the years below 16 that she was. I dont think there are any 13 year olds in the game, but there are definatly some 14 year olds. A 14 year old will have their fine tripled and a 15 year old will have her fine doubled.


Buildings are great places to keep ho's. They generate a little more income than the combined hos and definatly make it easier to manage large numbers of sex creazed tarts gagging for cock. The category of buildings also includes specials such as Sex Island wgich is a tropical island with capacity for 250 ho's. Sex Island costs $50bn. lol. Better get hoing.

Buying Buildings

You can buy buildings when you have money. Buildings start off from around $60k or maybe $40k, I cant remember. To see what buildings are available click the Buildings button at the bottom of the page.

Managing Buildings

Once you have some buildings you will be able to see them at the bottom of the page below the area where your girls are. There are a few details there including the address, current occupany an dtotal occupancy, type and $return. You can click to manage the building or click to sell it. When you manage a building you are essentially filling it with ho's. Each building will perform differnetly. Currently the types of building available are:

Brothel: Which is essentially a flat or house where the girls conduct their business instead of roaming the streets or using third party venues.

Massage Parlour: This is a place where girls pretend you massage people. Specialist skill Massage earns double in Massage Parlour.

Porn Studio: This is where sex is legalised by virtue of them becoming actors for photographic porn or visual porn materials.

Boats: Boats are off shore whore houses where you dont have to pay tax, lol, as if.

Sex Shops: This is where ugly whores go out to pasture and sell dildos and such.

Strip Club: Place where girls take of their clothes.

Sex Boats: Offshore brothels, wobbly fun.

Cinemas: Place where dudes can watch films and the hos can give them a hand.

All of these places basically accept ho's. You click the building to manage it and then click the whores to fill it, or click them to remove them from the building. Essentially there are two columns of hos, thos available to go in the building and those that are in the building. Once the building is full the available column vanishes. The best thing about buildings is that they allow you to manage far more ho's than you could otherwise. After a while you might notice that you have 40 ho's and you are constantly adjusting their happyness and such. Once you have a building however, all that is over as their stats stay exactly as they were when they enterred the building. This essentially means you can manage far more ho's than before.

It is also worthing noting that the condition of a ho when she enters will dictate how much she earns whilst in the building so if she goes in unhappy, she will earn less money than if she was happy so its wiorth getting them up to 100% happy before storing them in buildings.

Be warned that if the building is busted, all the ho's will flood back into thir main pool, and they will all need to be bailed out, as will the building. Its a fiddly process but you get used to it..


Your score is a complex calculation based on a whole bunch of things that I have totally forgotten. I could look it up but im too lazy. Essentially its based on the amount of money you earn, the properties you own, the girls you have, the times your dick has been sucked and a few other things, such as your pimp gear. Your score can go up as well as down, just like a ho's head between your legs.

Getting Your Dick Sucked

Suck My Dick Ho is one of the orders you can give a ho. Its a great way to cheer them up as they like nothing more other than cocaine. A ho will increase happyness by 25% after sucking your dick. Also, there is a counter showing how many times your dick has been sucked and this adds a very small amount to your score, I think on a 1 for 1 basis but every little helps and that score cannot be lost unlike the points you get from having money, proprties and hos, all of which you can loose.


Your reputation is based on the number of turns that hos have not been busted. Every turn that noone of your ho's is busted you will recieve 2 reputation points. Its a 0-100 scale or %. Its quite easy to get a high reputation and you are only likely to loose it if you, er, loose it and stop paying the police etc. New hos will set their rate dependent on your reputation. Currently, if a ho costs you $200 to hire and your reputation is 60% then she will add 40$ to her price and will charge you $280. If your reputation is 100% then she will charge you $200 to hire her services. Reputation will also be used for a lot more in the future. Reputation is also effected by love. There is a -1 penalty every turn your love is less than 75%. Worse still, if your love is less than 50% there is an additional -2 loss of reputation and as such you really will start to loose reputation each turn. If your love is less than 25% there is another cumulative -3 reputation penalty, which means at 24 love you loose - 3 - 2 - 1 = -6 per turn.

Also, if you dont have a street prescence of at least 10% of your flock then you will loose reputation at a rate of % difference * 25 per turn, so if you require 6 hos on the street and only have 3 you will loose 12.5 reputation.


The police can be paid off to reduce the chance of your girls being busted.


Accountants can be paid to improve the return from your girls. If you keep the ratio high enough you can earn an extra 20% from your girls.


Lawyers effect the cost of bailing girls out of jail. The cost of bail which is set when a girl is busted is based on the rate of lawyer pay at that moment. As rule of thumb its about $12/girl for maximum cover. Maximum cover is 90% so you'll never get off free.

Medical Services

Medical services reduce the risk of your girls getting a nasty disease.

Pimp Gear

Pimp gear is all about letting the world know that you are successful. I cant quite remember, but I think it increases your score. If it doesn't yet, it will when I sort it out.

Serial Killer

The serial killer stalks the girls and chops them up. Each turn every girl generates a random number between 0-200000. If the number is lower than the toal number of ho's in your empire then she becomes a victim of the elusive Ho-Tel serial killer.


To set up a scandal a girl needs a spycam, computer, formal dress and stiletos. A scandal does not take effect straight away, and in the turns that it does not generate a revenue the ho will earn a very small fraction of her worth. However, when the scandal pays off she gets a huge pay out, in theory. Game balance still pending. The name scandal is a bit misleading, its really a mix if scandals, blackmail, extortion and generally tricking respectable businessmen to use the services of a Ho and then make a huge amount of money out of him, for example, by getting pregnant.

Dress Up

The game includes a rudimentry dressup game which has little impact on the main game play. You start off with a naked girl, however, until you make a change to either her top, bottoms or underwear your score will be permanently helved. Once you dress your lead ho up in something you will get your full score.