Ho-Tel is an easy to play free online empire building game focussing on the world of yummy prostitutes. In it you get to play an evil pimp bent of making as much money as possible from the sale of sexual favours from a wide range of attractive young girls.

The Game

The game is designed to be easy to play, and simple to beat. You can have fun playing Ho-Tel in just a couple of hours, or you can spend a few days or weeks building up a huge empire, but in short, theres not alot to it, unlike other games which can take years and years to get to the top.

You start off as a cute girl that realises she can earn money by whoring herself and so she starts charging dudes to fuck her. With that money you pay other girls to ho for you and gradually you develop a little flock of whores fucking everything that pays. You can then buy your girls special things to make them happier or perform better, you can equip yourself with the latest pimp gear, a car, a hat etc, or buy special buildings like brothels, sex shops and boats that allow you to expand your empire, working ever upward to the elusive SEX ISLAND. note, rumours of a low earth orbit space brothel costing a mere $1tr are just that, rumours.

But be warned, its not as easy as it sounds. Your ho's have to be kept happy, there are sexually transmitted diseases to worry about, police busts, and random serial killings from time to time. But most challenging of all you have to figure out the rules. If you dont and you just keep pressing the GO button you'll run out of money and thats the game over. You need to figure out the rules and then change the options so that when you press the GO button your little sperm bank is going to earn money. Each girl has a bunch of options, options which depend on what she owns. A simple hint, all girls will need WHORE CLOTHES before they can do anything remotly profitable.

The game gives you a wide range (and ever growing) of options to manage your ho's and get you into the swing of being a big time pimp. Whatever flaots your boat. You can set them up as home operatives working web cam shows, send them out to set up scandels and blackmail punters, or have them all suck your dick. Most people tend to send their girls to the massage parlour or the brothels, but there are a whole range of options including walking the streets, hanging out at the bar, punting for students and going to the park looking for pervs. They can also do fun stuff too like going to the beauty parlour, staying at home, taking cocaine or just sucking your dick. You can buy them stuff too like bikinis, stillettos, posh dresses, vibrators, anal lubes, lingerie, jewlry, tit jobs, guns and cars and pets.

The game revolves around a points sysem and there is a top 100 chart to see how your doing. There is also a forum where you can read about the latest developments and post stuff of your own.

Whilst the game environment is a bit basic, the Ho-Tel can boast being the first and only game of its type in the world. Moreover, its actually fairly well developed, and whilst it is apparently a bit to easy to beat to a pulp and earn millions in a very short space of time, it does seem to work for most people, not too many bugs and such.

So if you ever wanted to own the sexual rights of attractive sexed up girls and control their fucking for profit and eventually own your own SEX ISLAND, then the Ho-Tel is the game for you.


Currently under development is a Ho-Tel Dress-Up games where you can dress your ho up in a range of clothes. As of March 2010 the games is new and lacks a full range of clothes but that will generally be worked on over time. To play the Ho-Tel Dress Up game you must be a registered player. Finished dress Up Ho-Tel Ho's can be seen on the high score player profiles.

We also accept player submitted clothing, just draw something on a 214px by 350px png to suit the naked template to the right and we'll include it in the girls wardrobe. As long as it doesnt suck too much.


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